AOMUSIC and AOFI Have Good News!

AOMUSIC and AOFI Have Good News!

AOMUSIC is on the Grammy ballot for the second time in three years. The list of nominees will be announced in early Dec.

An AOMUSIC Grammy nomination will help feed, clothe, shelter and educate children around the globe through AO Foundation International.


Our Gratitude and Commitment Always-

Free MP3

AOMUSIC – New Album! – 10% download proceeds to Children of Haiti

AOMUSIC – New Album! – 10% download proceeds to Children of Haiti

Announcing our newest CD,

“…and Love Rages On!”

10% of all downloads donated to the

AOMUSIC 4 HAITI campaign

Help us build a better future for the children of Haiti,

one village at a time. FREE MP3 of “Ena Na Lena” for donating any amount! Just write and say, “I donated!”

“We began production on this album just after the release of Twirl in 2009. It features children’s choral ensembles from China, South Africa and the Republic of Georgia. The brilliant harmonic textures, melodies and rhythmic energy in these songs carry a message of rejuvenating freshness and spirit. It is our hope that the great paradigm of change, transforming the planet finds us all steeped in music, filled with promise, joy and unity.”

Our Commitment and Gratitude,


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